Car Collection: Will It Help Your Mental Health?


For some of us, a car collection is the many hot wheels toys that our mom used to buy us, while for some of us, it may mean the real deal, a list of costly and very elegant cars. Cars ranging from Audi’s to Ferrari’s, Vintage to Modern, the very wealthy indeed have a collection worth more than gold.

These car collectors take a lot of time and effort in making sure that the cars they own and the cars they add to that list are all in pristine condition. If you are thinking about starting your collection of cars, I have a few tips for you that might save you a whole lot of money and unnecessary stress.

Of course, when we buy that first car, we always feel overjoyed. We are overly excited about the prospect of being able to drive it for the first time and show it off to the world. This is why, when buying a car, you should have someone else with you. Someone who has more experience in buying new cars than you. This provides you with a lot more objectivity in buying a car because you will, for sure, be overly excited, which may cloud your judgement.


Make sure to remember that even new cars may be involved in accidents. A car dealer will only discuss an accident that happened during transport only when asked, so make sure that you walk around the car, inspecting it for any bumps or scratches. Also, you have to make sure that the dealer has explained to you everything you need to know, like where the lights are, because having to figure out all this may only cause harm to you.

Check all the paperwork given to you and make sure that there are no additional costs added without your knowledge. What you need to make sure is you have all the right paperwork and that you have asked yourself all the right questions such as “Do I have insurance for this?” “Do I have a copy of the warranty?” and “Do I have copies of all the paperwork?” This helps ensure that you are well protected in your purchase and that you are not going to have an issue with anything in the future.


Much like owning a car collection or buying a car, we also have to make sure that our mental health is at its best. We, of course, have to have someone with us who understands and knows more than us because there will come a time when we are overwhelmed by anxiety or stress or depression that we no longer can control ourselves or even think clearly. Having someone there with you will help you in the healing process and the hardships of mental illness.

Also, you have to remember that even new situations or changes can trigger us. So, take your time and check yourself for any reasons that you may have for feeling the way you do. This way, when you feel comfortable enough to open up, it would be easier for you to express yourself, and it would be easier for the people you love to help you.

Lastly, check with yourself at all times. Ask yourself questions like, “Am I okay with this?” “Is this bad for me or not?” and “will this help me in my struggle for mental stability?” This helps you see the things that you are not okay with, and it helps you identify what you should be avoiding so that you do not go through another episode. (If, at times, the pain or fear within you is unbearable, you must reach out and ask for help. Go to a specialist in mental health for immediate intervention.)


When we think about it, people are a lot like cars. At first, everything is perfect and running smoothly, but then the car gets driven by someone reckless. The once pristine car is now with bumps and scratches. For us, that could mean that our mind can be a little reckless. We tend to be affected by the world around us and what it thinks about us that we allow it to damage us. We allow it to change us from the once perfect version of us to a more bruised version.

The real question right now is, what do you do when you are not feeling as pristine anymore? Well, the best thing to do is to reach out and ask for help. You do not need to live through this on your own. Friends, family, loved ones will always be there for us, and when we feel like they are not the people you thought would help you, then reach out to the professionals. At the end of the day, there will always be someone out there in this world who can help you become that new car you once were.

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