The Benefits Of Investing In A Family Car

While researchers can determine, quite easily, consumer behaviors from self-report data, it is almost impossible to get reliable data on why they buy what they do. — Ryan T. Howell Ph.D.

Today, transportation is a huge investment that benefits both the economy and society. Construction of more roads, bridges and other infrastructures increases mobility and accessibility. We can meet our needs by using different vehicles. Working becomes less tiring. Bringing our kids to school or bringing home grocery becomes easier. It also encourages us to go outside with our friends or family for vacations. You won’t regret having a vehicle ready for any event.

You might be wondering which type of car you should invest in. To help you with this dilemma, it’s highly recommended you invest in one that will still work as your children grow. Not only should the vehicle last, but it should also be convenient. Therefore investing in a family car will benefit you the most.

Common Types Of Family Cars

Before understanding the benefits of a family car, we should first identify them. It is essential to know which ones are available in the market. The characteristics of each car type will help you determine the right one for you. Listed below are the four most common types of family cars up for sale.

  • SUVs

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are four-wheeled vehicles. These are usually referred to as big and rugged. This type of car has a spacious interior enough to carry large items. It is also designed for off-road travel. An SUV appears tall because it’s chassis. It prevents damage from rocks during off-road journeys. This vehicle is often seen with seven seats making it an attractive choice for families.

  • Minivans

These are small vans designed for passenger safety and comfort. Also referred to as Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs), this vehicle was around since the ’80s. It was a popular choice back then but is fading with the appearance of SUVs. This guarantees better deals for a brand-new minivan compared to a second-hand SUV. Maintenance and insurance for this car are relatively cheaper. This vehicle is also very spacious and can accommodate around five to seven people. It is not very tall making it easier for your kids to get off.

  • Hatchbacks

The hatchback is a smaller version of a minivan. They provide an almost equal volume for passengers and cargo. This type of vehicle can accommodate only five people. It has a hatch-type rear door which opens upwards. Hence, this car is sometimes referred to as the 5-door.

  • Sedans

Sedans are small and long vehicles that can accommodate only five people. This vehicle separates the passengers from the cargo by having an external trunk. They are a favorite choice for small families and working parents.

My approach to negotiation is different from the standard. Instead of asking, “What’s your best price?”, I made the first offer, one that I knew would be a fine deal but not a clearly unrealistic one. When he said no definitively, my saying “Thanks anyway” and then waiting a moment, let me know that if he’d let me hang up, I was asking for too good a deal. — Marty Nemko Ph.D.

Why You Should Invest In A Family Car

Now, you are familiar with the different car types. The next question is whether it is worth it. To answer your question, here are four benefits of investing in a family car.

  • Convenient For The Family

Investing in a family car can help you with work. This becomes very convenient if you work far away. Not only does it help with work, but it also helps with daily activities. Usually, family cars are spacious enough for groceries and other cargo. This can also help reduce expenses from school. Aside this can become their primary means of transportation.

  • You Control Your Time

Having your own transportation allows you to take hold of your time. This prevents you from wasting time from public transit during rush hours. Gaining complete control of your time also lessens stress. You get less tired and increase the work you can do. This is very important for families with busy schedules. If ever you need to pick-up your children from school or go to work immediately, having a car on standby is the best way to go.


  • Traveling Becomes More Accessible

Having a car ready makes it possible for the family to go anywhere. Given the time and budget, you can go around and travel to places which you haven’t been to before. By traveling with your kids, you can build stronger family relations. Aside from that, you can expect your child to grow. They become adaptive to changes in their environment. Their creativity and curiosity increase as they see new cultures, objects or people. It allows them to have a space for learning outside their classrooms.


  • For Immediate Emergencies

Young children are susceptible to several diseases. Your child will always be exposed to the new virus and bacteria. Their immune systems are not prepared enough to block these microorganisms. This makes them vulnerable to diseases such as colds and slight fevers. Children are also prone to accidents. They enjoy moving around and exploring. Thus, having a car on standby will lessen the risks of such diseases and accidents from getting worse.


The study looks at how personality, attitude and values contribute to aggressive driving behaviors. Sadly, aggressive driving causes a third of all accidents that involve personal injuries and two-thirds of all fatal accidents in the United States. — Rick Nauert PhD

It is best to invest in a car that best suits your family’s current situation. If you have a family business or a huge family, you should invest in an SUV or Minivan. For smaller families, it is best to invest in Hatchbacks or Sedans. Still, having a vehicle on standby is very beneficial.

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