5 Things Newbies Are Not Supposed To Do At A Vintage Car Auction

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Attending an auction for collectible cars is a dream come true for many enthusiasts. It is an event that honors the classics and allows other people to prolong the journey of these vehicles; that’s why the occasion resembles a black-tie party more than anything. Every man or woman is in a suit or evening gown, respectively. Uniformed waiters serve foods and alcoholic beverages to the auction-goers. All of these to pay homage to the elegance and timelessness of the cars that are on display that night.

Now, considering it is the first time for you to go to an auction, you should know that rules are strictly in place here. If you toe the line, someone from the organizers may tell you off. If you keep on breaking their directions, the guards may escort you out of the vicinity.

To prevent this problem, therefore, learn the things that you are not supposed to do at a vintage car auction.


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  1. Believe The Auctioneer’s Photos

Most – if not all – advertisement for car sales are already digital. There is a website dedicated to firms holding the event. You may also check out the vehicles that will get auctioned off there, along with brief descriptions about them.

The thing is, you should not decide out of the pictures you will see on such sites. Quite often, advertisers will add photos of what the cars looked like back in the day. It is hard to tell whether its appearance is still the same or not until you come to the venue.

  1. Lay A Finger On The Classics

Vintage autos in auction houses are similar to the valuable items that you may have looked at in museums. No one is supposed to leave a fingerprint on them; the handlers wear gloves to avoid making any mark on its surface as well. While the cars are not in glass cages, though, you should still stop yourself from caressing the hood of the vehicles or even letting your breath touch them.

  1. Show Off

Try not to be the kind of auction-goer who flaunts his or her money by laying suitcases full of cash on the table or talking loudly about wanting to outbid everyone. You should take note of the fact that other folks in the crowd may be wealthier than you. It is best to befriend people in events like this one too so that you get invited in more auctions in the future.

  1. Raise Your Hand Often

While the biddings are still ongoing, it is best to keep your hands to yourself. Plant them on the table or hide them under it if you must. The reason is that lifting a hand anytime at this point – even though you merely want to get a waiter’s attention or wave at a friend in front of the room – may seem like a signal to the auctioneer that you wish to participate. Problems will occur if you end up winning a car that you don’t even know you bid for initially.

  1. Blow All Your Hard-Earned Money

Furthermore, when you get surrounded by people who are there to spend the cash they have down to the last penny, it is effortless to feel like you should do the same. The truth, however, is that you can sit still and observe the different emotions in their faces as they either win or lose the bids. It is not mandatory for you to use all your savings there.


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Final Thoughts

Going to a vintage car auction is an exciting experience, for sure. Not everyone gets the privilege to attend one. This event is not as common as the auctions for storage units or used vehicles either. If you manage to take part in one, therefore, you should savor the moment, look without touching any of the cars, and consider bidding if there is something you want to get for real.


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