The Right Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Auto


Don’t we all know the beauty of buying a brand-new car? The seats, the dashboard, and every other part of the vehicle are fresh out of the factory. The engine and the air-conditioning system are fully functioning too. If there is something you do not like about the car, the dealer can replace it with the same model while still under warranty.

However, brand-new does not always fit the buyers’ needs. Some are short in the budget department; that’s why they have to make do with what they can afford. Others, meanwhile, love the idea of remodeling second-hand cars so that they look better than the new models.

Regardless of the reason, if you will buy a used auto, these are the right questions to ask:


1. What Is The Car’s History?

Your first query should focus on the vehicle’s previous escapades. You ought to find out the places it has traveled to, and more importantly the accidents it has encountered. The reason is that it isn’t advisable to purchase an auto that has gone through significant repairs, e.g., overhauled engine and rebuilt transmission lines. You cannot re-sell next time at a fair price or bring it to the brand’s service center since the parts may no longer be original.

2. Does It Run Still?

It also matters to inquire whether the car’s engine is still running or not. If it is, then you undoubtedly have less stuff to fix. Considering it stayed stuck in someone’s garage for a decade or so, you have two options: 1) haggle for a much lower amount, or 2) seek a different seller. The former choice typically works for die-hard collectors, to be honest, so feel free to opt for the latter if you need the vehicle for the daily commute.

3. Who Drives The Car?

Knowing who uses the auto can inform you of how much “loved” it has been. For instance, if its owner is an old lady who only drives around the village, you can assume that the engine did not get battered at all. In case you are eyeing a car that a racer or someone who enjoys long drives used to own, then its wheels may have seen better days. You need such things into account so that you’ll be able to get the auto for the right price later.

4. Does It Have All The Necessary Papers?

Carnapping is real, and you do not want to purchase any vehicle that came out of that crime. It will help to ask the seller to show the car’s documents – proof of title, vehicle identification number, and any warranty it may still have –before you decide on handing in your hard-earned money.

5. Can A Mechanic Take A Look At It?

The next thing you can do is to ask the owner if he or she will allow you to call a mechanic over to scrutinize the motorized parts of the auto. This professional should be able to confirm what the seller said about the car. In case he or she says, “Go ahead,” it may mean that the person is confident regarding the vehicle’s condition. Otherwise, you better look for another car that does not have a shady vendor.

7. Is The Owner’s Asking Price Justifiable?

Finally, check if the amount that the seller wants you to pay matches the state of the car. You can consult your mechanic friend once again about that as he or she likely knows vehicle prices. It will not hurt either to search for similar models and manufacturing dates online so that you have an inkling of how much others sell the same car.


Buying a used auto is a wise move for people who need a car but do not wish to shoulder the monthly payments that brand-new vehicle owners usually have to send to financing companies. There are many second-hand cars out there that work decently, and they are budget-friendly. You need to know everything about the auto you feel like getting so that you won’t purchase a vehicle that is in an awful shape misguidedly.

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