August 10, 2020


The 2017 Collectible Vehicles Conference unites people who share the same passion for collecting classic cars. Unlike what most people expect, car collection requires a lot of knowledge, preparation, and hard work, most importantly if you’re only starting. If you’re an aspiring car collector, be sure that you’re well-advised before you buy a fleet of cars. Here are some of the things you should consider if you want to start a car collection:

1. Know What You Want

Car collection is not all about purchasing the most number of cars. It stems from your passion and love for the industry. First, know the vehicles that you want and why you want them. List down the things that you desire in a car, whether it’s the style, country of origin, manufacturer, or the date of its creation. It can help you sort out your priorities. This practice can prevent you from buying cars compulsively and guide you in getting only quality products. 

2. Understand That You Will Be Spending A Lot Of Money

Most new collectors often forget to take into consideration the number of resources they will need to support a car. You have to set aside money for car maintenance. And this is inevitable. No matter what you do or vehicles you purchase, you will be spending a few thousand dollars a year for this specific passion. Spend your money wisely.


3. Find An Adequate Space For Your Collection

Even if you’re only starting, you have to find an adequate location to store your car collection if. As your collection starts to grow, your home garage will no longer suffice, and you will need to get a place elsewhere. As a tip, make sure that the new space for your collection is near to your residency so you won’t have to spend a lot of time walking or driving to monitor or take your cars for a spin.

4. Tell People About Your Passion

If you spread your enthusiasm for collecting cars, you can meet people who share the same interest as you and enjoy their company. You can ask questions and tips regarding car maintenance and build relationships along the way.

5. Enjoy Your Cars

Don’t let your car sit there. Drive your car around. It shouldn’t only be for display. It’s useful for your cars’ condition and enjoyable for you. 

Things To Remember

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