February 16, 2019

fondness of vintage cars

The ultimate dream and delight of many vintage car enthusiasts around the world were fulfilled in the Terry Davidson 2016 Las Vegas Vintage Car Show. The event, which was dedicated to honoring the sleek and the classics of the early years, allowed many individuals to prolong the journey of different vehicles.

The Car Show

Over hundreds of cars were registered, attracting a crowd of thousands just to witness the vintage car show. People of all ages were present, including the hardcore vintage car enthusiasts, curious families, couples, aspiring collectors, and so much more!

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

The Terry Davidson 2016 Las Vegas Vintage Car Show paid homage to the timelessness, elegance, and beauty of the classic cars that were put on a display that night – and it was not something the crowd can just easily forget. Spectators were in awe over the different models in the showroom, and they were equally interested in its history. The fall foliage and old cars stole the stoplight, but high-end restorations of the vintage vehicles also intrigued many.

Representing The Hot Wheeles

Hundreds of pre-1972 custom hot rods, choppers, and muscle cars delighted the young boys, while the underrated classic cars such as the 1970-73 Datsun 240Z, 1969-73 Triumph TR6, or the 1969-70 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet understandably turned heads.

Source: pixabay.com

Many auto shows nowadays are too focused on the future of cars, and how these new products can snag the attention of the media and potential customers. But the Terry Davidson 2016 Las Vegas Vintage Car Show tells a different story – vintage rides can still compete with the new cars. It celebrates a precious heritage.

Classic cars are on a completely different level compared to the modern cars’ improved efficiency and speed; instead, it’s more about the style, experience, exclusivity, and craftsmanship put into creating each vehicle that made it timeless.


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