What You Should Do When You Go To A Vintage Car Auction

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For vintage car aficionados, going to an auction house is a life-long wish. That is one of the few events in which you can become surrounded by classic autos the entire day, after all. It is better than going to a museum because you do not need to listen to boring guides who have no idea about half of what they talk about. Furthermore, you can take a picture with any vehicle you want to purchase and get a glimpse of the eras they survived, hopefully straight from the owners themselves.

Nonetheless, you have to realize that a special occasion like this one is not always all-inclusive. It won’t be like Comic-Con or VidCon wherein anyone who can afford the tickets can attend. Apart from the vehicles, the organizers also consider the security of the people who may be coming to bid for the vintage cars.

If you want to participate in an auction for the first time, therefore, you should remember the following.

  1. Pre-Register

Becoming a bidder comes with lots of paperwork. You may not enjoy the event if the folks managing it asks you to fill up various forms in between the auction. Assuming you do not wish for it to happen, you should register as soon as you enter the place.

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  1. Come To The Venue Early

Going to an auction is different from watching a movie in the theater where you have a designated seat. First come, first served – that is typically the rule in the former. To avoid having to stay at the rear end, for this reason, you should come to the venue a few hours before the set time.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Money

In most bidding occasions, people hardly accept credit cards or cheques. They need to see the real dollar bills so that they won’t have to wait for the money to reach their account. Due to that, you should withdraw some bank notes to bring to the event.

  1. Be Aware Of The Additional Fees

Considering it is the first auction you have ever been to, you may only have enough cash to pay for registration, as well as the vintage car that you may get. However, it matters to ask the organizers about the other fees you may need to provide if ever you win a bid. Some want a percentage of the actual price of the vehicle before they hand it over to you, mind you.

  1. Try Not To Feel Pressured

Being in a room full of enthusiastic auction-goers tend to make you want to join the fun and submit a bid as well. Your brain may also egg you on to buy any car, regardless if you genuinely like it or not. Despite that, it is best to keep your cool and not feel pressured to spend your money on something that may disappoint you later.

  1. Don’t Leave Until Bidding Is Over

Moreover, even when all the highlighted autos are out of the market, you should stay on your seat and wait until the end. You are already there; you undoubtedly do not want to miss any exciting happening. Besides, many of the high bidders are usually gone at this point, so you may still have a chance to get a classic at a reasonable price.

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Final Thoughts

Buying a vintage car through an auction is not the most budget-friendly decision – that is a fact. The bidders need to one-up each other; thus, the price of the vehicle can reach six or seven figures sometimes. However, even if you do not intend to purchase anything, it is still fun to experience being in such an event along with other classic car enthusiasts.